Welcome to Station 8

Eclectic Fire Department responds to over 400 calls every year with the majority being EMS calls. Our department trains on a weekly basis for four hours every Thursday night and one Saturday training per month lasting eight hours. We strive everyday to keep Eclectic as safe as we possibly can not only for its citizens, but also the individuals and families passing through going to Lake Martin or into the Montgomery area. If you have any questions regarding the fire department, please call us at 334-541-4425.

Congratulations to Eclectic EMS on their new 2014 Chevorlet G-4500 ambulance that was purchased with funding from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.

Eclectic Fire Department Station 1

We ask that everyone please check your smoke detectors and change the batteries twice a year. A good reminder of when to change the batteries is when the time changes. You should have at least one smoke detector in every room of your house. Also come up with an escape plan and a meeting area that everyone living in the residence knows. (a special tree, the mailbox, a swingset, etc.) Remember "GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

Remeber to call your local fire department or the Forestry Commision before you burn. The state of Alabama only allows you to burn natural vegitation, no cardboard, paper, or other household products are legal to burn. Some things to take into consideration before burning are the wind speed(is it less than 5mph), the humidity(is it over 35%), your burn location(are you near anything that could potentialy catch fire if your fire gets out of hand), and notification(if you are burning more than a quarter acre or are closer than 25 feet from other natural fuels the Alabama Forestry Commision requires a burn permit). The Eclectic Fire Department's non-emergency number is 334-541-4425 and the Alabama Forestry Commision's number for our area is 1-800-392-5679.

Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter or EMT? It's as simple as filling out an application. The Eclectic Fire Department meets every Thursday night at 7pm for training and we would like for you to join our team. Though we can't pay you, we do offer many incintives: one free car tag, firefighter certification, EMT certification, experience, and a sense of joy that comes from helping your neighbors in need. Call us at 334-541-4425 or drop in to visit our operation at 140 First Avenue in Downtown Eclectic.