Engine 1

Engine 1 - 2009 KME Pumper 1500gpm/1000gal

This is Station 1's 1st out residential fire apparatus.


Engine 2

Engine 2 - 1998 KME Tele-Squirt 2000gpm/500gal

Engine 2 is first out on all commercial building calls and
third out on other structure fire calls.


Engine 3

Engine 3 - 1978 Mack Pumper 1250gpm/500gal

Engine 3 is Station 2's first out Engine.

Engine 3 came from Patchogue, New York and played a major role in September 11, 2001. It was donated to Eclectic Fire Department by Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc.


Tanker 11

Tanker 11 - 1999 Deep South Chevy Kodiak 500gpm/2000gal

Tanker 11 responds to all structure fires and brush fires.


Brush 21

Brush 21 - 1998 Chevorlet 3500

21 responds to all grass and woods fire calls.


Rescue 30

Rescue 30 - 1999 Chevy 2500

31 responds to all wildland fire calls as well as other small calls for assistance.


Rescue 31

Rescue 31 - 2009 KME/Chevy 1000gpm/250gal

31 is our departments service truck. It responds to all structure fires. We also carry all of our extrication equipment on this truck making it first out on all MVC's. This truck also responds to wildland fire calls.



EMS-1 - 2014 Chevorlet G-4500 Wheeled Coach Ambulance

EMS-1 is a fully equipped ALS ambulance that responds to EMS calls for our citizens all fire calls.

EMS-1 has a paid staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week.